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At Your Tempo, our innovative booking agency software provides a cutting-edge management tool for artist and musician booking agents and agencies of all sizes to coordinate all aspects of the booking process. The logistics regarding the scheduling of musical talent can be vast and complex, where attention to detail with all the moving parts is essential.

Our cloud-based booking platform is here to streamline every aspect of the booking life cycle, enabling you to manage and book artists, concerts, and events efficiently. With a wide range of powerful features and user-friendly tools, our booking agency software empowers you to focus on what matters most - making great music and sharing it with the world.

Every booking agency for artists and musicians requires an easy yet intuitive program that ensures every box is checked to provide a seamless online experience for everyone connected to booking talent. By accomplishing this on the front end of booking single dates or extended tours, agents, managers, and their talent can feel confident that their goal of a worry-free process is in place.

Our cloud-based booking platform is a comprehensive online event booking system that documents and tracks all components required of a concert booking agency and tour management. Booking Agency Pro, booking agency software for agents, managers, artists, and musicians, follows a precise process of booking individual concert dates to large-scale tours, including managing offers, navigating contracts, tracking deposits and payments, and issuing business reports such as traditional routing sheets and artist itineraries. Booking Agency Pro takes the guesswork out of the scheduling process and ensures that each artist's and musician's touring component is addressed and completed.


Submit Offers & Contracts

Your Tempo provides an easy-to-use offer submission form for concert management. Booking Agency Pro users can immediately access information regarding the status of any booking offer or agreement, from accommodation to travel to performance. This availability of updated information is a time-saver for agents juggling multiple clients and accounts and for artists needing to access details related to their schedules.

  • Utilize our user-friendly offer submission form to create and submit offers and contracts easily.
  • Save time by automatically populating venue and buyer information from your contacts database.
  • Include all the necessary show details, deal terms, and costs required for artist contracts.
  • Seamlessly email offers, contracts, and other vital documents directly from the offer form.
  • Know the status of any contract from submission to execution.
Submit Offers & Contracts
Calendar Viewing and Updating

Calendar Viewing and Updating

Booking Agency Pro, innovative booking management software, is an industry leader. Musician and artist booking agencies and music publishers can choose a calendar view of specific artists and musicians for upcoming concerts, music festivals, and other events, as well as artists' availability to send offers. Our booking agency software for artists and musicians also allows tracking and reporting to view all pending, accepted, rejected, and cancelled shows on specific dates. You can easily access your booking management software from the cloud on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop computer to use on the go during a busy touring season.

  • Stay organized with our interactive calendar to comprehensively view upcoming events and manage your offers and bookings.
  • Choose a specific calendar view for particular artists, ensuring efficient scheduling from busy booking agencies.
  • Schedule blocks, holds, and events to avoid double booking for precise concert management.
  • Generate routing sheets, artist availability, and itineraries for multiple calendar time frames & layouts during hectic tour management seasons.

Tracking and Reporting throughout Dates and Tours

The online event booking system is fully customizable to meet every booking agent’s needs, as every artist, musician, and music publisher has unique requirements. It permits booking agents to email offers and contracts as a PDF to the agents, artists, tour management directors, venues, vendors, and other principal players and stakeholders directly from the system. The booking agency software comes with various user access levels, including a customer view where you control the rights for your artists and musicians to view their itineraries, contracts, calendars, and other essential details. This access to comprehensive information will save you time and money and offer peace of mind that all booking and tour management components are addressed.

  • Effortlessly track the status of all financials, including upcoming and received deposits.
  • Enter post-show notes and walk amounts with up-to-the-minute revenue reports.
  • Keep track of your artist's account and track revenue.
  • Easily review your booking agency’s and booking agent’s commissions and other financials.
  • Access valuable insights into your booking agency's most successful events and their walk amounts, attendance, and venue commentary.
  • View all Pending, Accepted, Rejected, and Cancelled shows on a specific date for better organization of all concert management components.
Tracking and Reporting throughout Dates and Tours
Customer Relation Management

Customer Relation Management

Your Tempo has a customer relationship module built into our booking agency software. You can create tables of deals for communication with venues or buyers in the system and set follow-up dates before you book a show. With the assistance of our devoted team of experts fluent in the multi-layered business processes in the music industry, client care- our artists, musicians, booking agents, and music publishers- will be exceptional and tailored to meet the specific needs of every musician and concert booking agent and artist down to the most minute detail.

  • Deal Records: A table of deals with venues and/or buyers. Deals represent a pitch for a potential booking of an artist at a venue.
  • Activities: Used for journaling communication between the agency and/or venues and buyers. Agents pitch their artists to the buyers and/or venues and log their communications with them in the activity log.
  • Follow-ups: Whenever activities are added, users can set a follow-up for that contact. Users are alerted with daily follow-ups, or they can run a Next to Call report, which acts as a task list, allowing them to check off when a follow-up or activity has been completed.

More Miscellaneous Features and Benefits

At Your Tempo, we know that live music performances drive the industry now more than ever. Our goal has always been to streamline the processes of booking agencies, tour and concert management, and even music publishers through our booking agency software, so they can spend more time focusing on what they do best-managing the performance careers of the industry’s most talented artists, musicians, and songwriters who write and perform great music, sharing it with the world and their devoted fans.

  • Access your booking management software instantly from wherever you are.
  • Seamlessly manage your artist, venue, and buyer contacts with ease.
  • Allow an unlimited number of artists, managers, and other customers to access the reports of your choice for streamlined collaboration.
  • Sync your confirmed shows to Bandsintown and Songkick for increased visibility.
  • Customize your company’s booking system to fit your needs.
More Miscellaneous Features and Benefits
Experience Excellent Customer Care

Experience Excellent Customer Care

We take pride in offering exceptional client care. Our devoted team of professionals is always here to assist you and ensure a smooth and successful experience. Ready to elevate your booking agency? Contact Your Tempo today to schedule a personalized demo and see firsthand how our booking agency software can revolutionize your operations. Whether you are an artist or musician booking agency, tour and concert management, or music publisher, Your Tempo has the perfect cloud-based booking platform solution for you. Join Your Tempo now and experience the efficiency and ease of using booking agency software for artists and musicians, booking agents, concert and tour management, and crew.

Begin using Booking Agent Pro today, and let's make music history together!


One Time Setup Fee

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billed monthly
2 Admin users
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3 Admin users
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4 Admin users
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5 Admin users
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Additional $25 for each user over 5 users
Customization rate is $60/hr
Ask about our package deals with Talent Buying Pro, Tour Pro & Publishing Pro
10% discount if paid annually

All Tempo Booking Agency Pro Systems include:

  • Branding with logo & contact information
  • Hosting on DevDigital server racks with full data backup
  • Unlimited data storage
  • Maintenance and upgrades
  • Browser compatibility (current version and previous version)
  • Hourly customization and data import rate $50/hr

For any needs that exist outside of the outlined plans, we will be more than happy to make a customized program just for you. Contact us today and we will work with you.


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