• Publishing Pro

    Publishing Pro

    Play, pitch, & manage your catalog.





  • Easy access to a song’s information, audio and lyrics
  • Add and edit up to 10 audio versions per uploaded song title
  • Create playlists and Pitch directly from Catalog page
  • Quick view of writers, co-writers, date of creation, demo type, lyrics, audio etc.
  • Search and sort your catalog
  • Print and export song lists to Excel
Pitch, Playlist & Pitch Log

Pitch, Playlist & Pitch Log

  • Easily pitch songs and playlists via Publishing Pro
  • Send a personal message and signature with a pitch
  • Downloadable links and lyrics attach automatically with a pitch
  • Also attach documents and photos in your pitch
  • Pitch opens branded player
  • Automatically adds pitches to the Pitch Log
  • Keep track of who you pitched to and status information in the Pitch Log
  • Know when pitch emails sent through Publisher Pro have been opened or unopened by the recipient
  • Keep track of how many plays and downloads
Tempo Admin

Admin Page

  • Displays writer and co-writer, copyright, admin information and publisher and ownership splits
  • Relays Schedule A and Copyright Assignment information
  • Notes and documents upload
  • Easy reference to the song holds, cuts and syncs history
  • Export/Print capability
Tempo mobile


  • Syncs - Record syncs from film & TV placements
  • Holds - Record a song’s hold information
  • Cuts - Records a song’s information from artist to release date
  • Writer View - Allows writers access to listen, download, pitch and submit songs to the publisher
  • Admin View - Allows Administrators to log in to retrieve a song’s admin information
  • Player with Download - Allows access to your full audio catalog


Less than 10 songs
Single Writer

$25 - $50*
(1,000 songs)

(2,000 songs)

(4,000 songs)

(6,000 songs)


Unlimited Writers for 5GB, 10GB, 20GB, and 30GB
We can accommodate larger catalogs. Please contact us for pricing
*Writer’s monthly licensing is dependent on size of catalog
For an additional $250, we will import data and audio
Ask about our package discounts with Booking Agency Pro & Tour Pro
10% discount if paid annually

All Tempo Publishing Pro systems include:

  • Catalog manager, player, and pitching platform
  • Branding with your logo
  • Hosting on DevDigital server racks with full data backup
  • Maintenance and upgrades
  • Browser compatibility (current version and previous version)
  • Unlimited​ writers
  • Unlimited​ system users


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