3 Features You Didn't Know About Our Booking Agency Pro Software

November 20, 2020

3 Features You Didn’t Know About Our Booking Agency Pro Software

Did you know that Booking Agency Pro has these 3 features?


  1. CRM: You can track all of your touch points with venues and buyers. In our CRM, you have access to all contact or email history with those respective venues and buyers. The CRM has 3 main components: deal records, activities, and follow-ups.
    1. Deal Records: A table of deals with venues and/or buyers. Deals represent a pitch for a potential booking of an artist at a venue. 
    2. Activities: Used for journaling communication between the agency and/or venues and buyers. Agents pitch their artists to the buyers and/or venues and log their communications with them in the activity log.
    3. Follow-ups: Whenever activities are added, you can set a follow up for that contact. Users are either alerted with daily follow-ups, or can run a “Next to Call” report, which acts as a task list allowing them to check off when a follow-up or activity has been completed.
  2. Songkick/Bandsintown Integration: Our system will automatically push to an artists’ Bandsintown and/or Songkick page as long as all of the required fields are filled out. We have built a JSON feed from our Booking Platform to these sites. The dates push to the site based on the announce date.
  3. Customer Role: You can grant artists, band members, managers, and so many others controlled access to the system with our “Customer” role! Here, you’ll be able to control what reports they can see, while also keeping them in the loop. “Customers” can log in and view their calendar, contracts, ticket counts, walks, itineraries and much more. 

If all of these features sound appealing to you and your business please visit our website for a free demo of the software.




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