5 Signs Your Agency Needs New Booking Software

Posted by : Gwen Gude
October 19, 2020

5 Signs your Agency Needs New Booking Software   Does your agency rely on booking software to book artists for shows, but has proven to be unreliable? Here’s five reasons why it might be time to make a switch.  You can't find that one file. No matter how many different searches you type in your Gmail, or how long you sift through your downloads folder, that contract is nowhere to be found in your files.   "Shows don't book themselves!" is a ...


Flashback Friday

November 06, 2020

Kalatech Rebranded as Your Tempo   Flashback Friday to 2018! For our long time followers and clients, you may still refer to us as Kalatech. In 2018, we rebranded Kalatech to Your Tempo.  We are still the same company, featuring the same products and operating with the same people. We found we were having to explain the name behind Kalatech rather than talk about our products when meeting new people. Who thought a simple name change would allow ...


3 Features You Didn't Know About Our Booking Agency Pro Software

November 20, 2020

3 Features You Didn’t Know About Our Booking Agency Pro Software Did you know that Booking Agency Pro has these 3 features?   CRM: You can track all of your touch points with venues and buyers. In our CRM, you have access to all contact or email history with those respective venues and buyers. The CRM has 3 main components: deal records, activities, and follow-ups. Deal Records: A table of deals with venues and/or buyers. Deals represent ...


Navigating Online Events

December 09, 2020

Navigating Online Events   With festivals, performances and concerts canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, musicians of all kinds are resourcing to social and streaming platforms to play live for their fans. This has provided for a more intimate setting for fans to see their favorite artists and up close from the comfort of their own home.    Sure, nothing will ever be the same as seeing your favorite artist in the flesh. From seeing them ...


Synchronicity, From City to City

December 29, 2020

Synchronicity, from city to city. Using Booking Agency Pro and Tour Pro in sync to save time and stress.     At Tempo, we have four different products in our suite that we have refined for over a decade, consisting of: Booking Agency Pro, Talent Buying Pro, Publishing Pro, and Tour Pro. What if we told you that a symbiotic relationship exists between our products? By that, I’m referring to how our Booking Agency Pro software syncs to our Tour ...


Will Live Music Return in 2021?

January 27, 2021

In the wake of COVID-19’s shutdown of the entertainment industry, everyone was left scrambling for an alternative. Drive in shows and bubble concerts have met mixed reviews, and while innovative advances to the virtual performance have been quite notable, nothing can ever replicate the unique exhilaration of an intimate in-person performance. Depending on who you ask, things appear to be on the rise, as more and more vaccines become available to ...


How to Survive the Booking World After Layoffs

February 24, 2021

During these uncertain times with COVID-19, mass layoffs and furloughs have left a major dent in the entertainment industry, especially to those in booking. With the uncertainty of the pandemic these professionals have had to find work on the side or collect unemployment while retaining fleeting hopes of eventual rehire. As with any struggle, new solutions arise as more and more professionals establish their own entrepreneurial ventures. This lea ...


Calling all clients! Did you know we have a reviews page?

June 29, 2021

  When we founded Tempo in 2010 we were relying on two flagship clients to help construct our booking software to what it is today. Since then, those two clients have stayed with us throughout all of our improvements, fixes and upgrades to the software. The journey never stops, and we live off of feedback. The updates, upgrades, and fixes would not have been possible without you! With that being said, we want to hear from you about your experien ...


MusicRow 2021 Awards

July 23, 2021

 It’s that time of year again! The 2021 MusicRow awards are happening! If you are a music fan based in Nashville, you’re almost certainly aware of MusicRow’s longtime work. Highlighting major artists and songwriters, these awards really showcase all aspects of talent. We’re all riled up to say that two of our very own clients nominated for awards this year!    Luke Bryan, who uses our Tour Pro software was nominated for Breakthrough Artist of t ...


We have solutions for you to save you time and money!

July 30, 2021

  Planning an elaborate tour and unsure of which route to take? Tired of digging through files just to find a simple radius clause? Have you gotten sick of having everything on your google drive or dropbox? Do texts, emails, and alerts keep you up at night? We can go on, but boy do we have the answer! Here at Tempo, we house 4 product suites to help maximize your time and effort. If you answered yes to any or all of these questions you need to c ...


Want to see a show? Prove it! 

August 13, 2021

To say we’ve come a long way since March of 2020 is an absolute understatement. Not knowing what lies ahead with the Delta variant is scary, but industry is ready to make sure they don’t repeat the history of last year. Venues of all sizes over America are now requiring proof of vaccination or negative test for entry in order to stay afloat through this next big wave. "Certain states' regulations may override our mandate, or a few artists may n ...


See YOU at IEBA!

September 27, 2021

  See you at the International Entertainment Buyers Association Conference!   Are you having a hard time keeping track of contracts with all the cancellations due to COVID-19? Let our software help you! Tempo has the solution for you to navigate this virtual world. Starting at just $59/mo., we can fix this constant worry and help you stay organized with our Booking Agency Pro product or our Talent Buying Pro product. We will be at IEBA in the ...


How Booking Software Gets Musicians More Gigs

October 08, 2021

  Software used for booking gigs by artists of all kinds is the way of the future for the most Software used for booking gigs by artists of all kinds is the way of the future for the most obvious of reasons; it’s the digital age and everything works through the internet now! Booking shows and venues with an individual artist or booking agent profile on one side and a client profile on the other streamlines communications and connectivity betwee ...



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