Synchronicity, From City to City

December 29, 2020

Synchronicity, from city to city.

Using Booking Agency Pro and Tour Pro in sync to save time and stress.



At Tempo, we have four different products in our suite that we have refined for over a decade, consisting of: Booking Agency Pro, Talent Buying Pro, Publishing Pro, and Tour Pro. What if we told you that a symbiotic relationship exists between our products? By that, I’m referring to how our Booking Agency Pro software syncs to our Tour Pro software. We know as booking agents, you are often working with tour managers and/or managers. Why not make it easier by having the two platforms speak to each other? If you have both Booking Agency Pro and Tour Pro synced up for an artist, then all of the show details entered in Booking Agency Pro will sync to Tour Pro. This exists to save you time, allowing you to do what you do best -- make music and share it with the world. 


Here are some more of our Tour Pro features:


  • Quickly send alerts via email to customized groups 

  • One calendar for shows, rehearsals, appearances, days off, travel, bus calls, block dates and misc. events

  • Manage ticket requests in the Guest List section

  • Google Calendar integration

  • Send out your tour book in bulk

  • Custom User Roles; you decide who can do what in the program

  • Mobile view for ease of viewing on the road

  • Keep all of your documents in one place


Ready to start Booking those 2021 tours? Visit our Tour Pro page on our website for more details HERE





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