5 Signs Your Agency Needs New Booking Software

October 19, 2020
Posted by : Gwen Gude

5 Signs your Agency Needs New Booking Software


Does your agency rely on booking software to book artists for shows, but has proven to be unreliable? Here’s five reasons why it might be time to make a switch.

  1.  You can't find that one file. No matter how many different searches you type in your Gmail, or how long you sift through your downloads folder, that contract is nowhere to be found in your files.
  2.  "Shows don't book themselves!" is a phrase you hear often. Yes, they can! Stop hounding people for countless details and let a system auto-fill all those mundane deal sections.

  3.  You're having issues getting papers signed. Have you ever had to call multiple times to get a signed contract back? Sometimes all it takes is bumping up your professionalism a touch to get people to respond faster. With Tempo’s software, you can electronically sign contracts to make it seamless. 

  4.  You don’t feel like you have enough time in the day. Everyone's too busy completing their own tasks to be able to work as an organized team. Slow down. Technology is your friend and can make your workday much smoother and time-efficient. There’s a reason that our slogan is “Timing is Everything”.

  5.  "When is X artist available?" If this question triggers a mild panic attack, it's time to upgrade. 

If all of these points sound familiar to you, it’s time to make a change. There’s a lot of uncertainty right now with COVID-19, but don’t let your business suffer from being unorganized. YourTempo's cloud-based booking music business software helps solve all of these problems. You can track contracts, offers, contracts, deposits, itineraries and much more. Booking Agency Pro is trusted by over 100 agencies in the United States, Canada and Europe. If this sounds like something of interest to you, request a demo.




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